Tuesday, October 14, 2014

musings on an airport cocktail

Does everyone order a Bloody Mary at the airport bar (me included)? The second most popular option appears to be beer (which I have also ordered). I'd love to see the metrics on this --dearly so, in fact.

I'm not sure when the scales tipped for me, or maybe I always loved Bloody Mary's. Perhaps because, along with the ever-popular at brunch mimosa, a Bloody Mary is the only acceptable way to drink vodka before noon?

It's never even occurred to me to order a vodka soda at an airport bar; the very thought sort of makes my tongue curl and my tummy squint. I can almost hear my liver cackling softly, "Girl, you stupid."

There is no charm in airport bars; I can't imagine that there ever was, though the bombastic, optimistic architecture of the older airports try to scream otherwise. As we all know now, those airports were wrong.

My headphones are turned up to an uncomfortable level. I never realized until I had to crash overnight on the most uncomfortable airport "bed" ever how loud airports are.

Perhaps you do not notice because you are so busy rushing between gates, your heart pumping as your body propels forward in a 1,000-meter dash it never trained for, your heavy bag digging into your shoulder while your other bag mysteriously drags behind you despite being on wheels and sweat sticks to your skin despite the stale, recycled air.

Don't worry --I never noticed before either. Airports were always this gauntlet to get through; not a space in which to ponder the aural qualities --which are terrible.

But the airport Bloody Mary's... for some reason, while the prices have fluctuated wildly, the flavor has always been precisely what you wanted.

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