Friday, August 29, 2014

set adrift on mountain blue

She had been drifting up above the Korean mountains for quite some time, feeling both a wee bit sick to her stomach but also incredibly exhilarated and free. Since the tether had been broken --a bond she had been gnawing on patiently for years --she thought she might never touch the ground again. In her ears (though she spoke not a word of English) thumped “And She Was” by Talking Heads and beneath her feet (as in the music video for the song) the whole of the world slowly spun by.

From down below, he called up to her, not by speaking (words she would not have understood unless she was dreaming), but by tugging on her tether. Her eyes widened in alarm. Ever so gently, she felt herself dropping by degrees closer to the pedestrian earth, a realm she had never understood and always struggled to escape. But, there he was (ever oblivious and afraid of losing her), pulling her back to the ground.

Her arms flopped a little bit helplessly with each tug of his on her waist. The mountains loomed closer and then were her neighbors as she passed by. Nimble goats clung to the side, nibbling the scarce vegetation and not mindful of her at all. She may as well as have been a cloud, falling like a gentle rain.

The soft mountain breeze caressed the wet from her face, cooling her skin until she was under the shade of the forest. With a gentle bump, her feet touched the ground. She blinked a few times, as though being earthbound were the most alien thing. Gravity still could not touch her though (he tried). Her feet barely touched the earth as she wandered among the trees, trying to follow the sound of his longing.

He wasn’t anywhere he was supposed to be (he never was), but she knew she would find him.