Sunday, November 25, 2012

the pale blue dot

You need me more than I need you;
I need that need more than you need me.


Nothing good ever came from following the rules. There are choices, and all the ones she made were wrong ones.

She knew he was the biggest one -thus far, anyway -and yet she pushed it, knowing she could kill it in an instant.

The trigger was in her hands, and yet she never pushed it.

Every time he deserved it, she played the tune with her fingertips, yet the trigger she would not pull.

Every slight was an escape hatch, but she blinked at the change in light. She knew someday the volcano would blow, but there was nowhere to go.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the death of the T-Rex

I do think about it

joining you

wherever you are

I know how awesome it can be
but reality

reality is always the question

you, sir, are a butterfly

or maybe a bird

flitting here

landing there

flying T-Rex does not know where

I would swim over with my butterfly net, ready to stuff you into a houseboat

but then you postcard me from Brooklyn

but by the time I swam there

you'd be in Paris

determined not to be caught

not realizing that I don't want to catch you or cage you

just be with you

but you keep running away anyway

and, by the time I lay expiring on the Mongolian plateau, having missed you by a postcard once again

you'll postcard from wherever you are, accusing me of having never come to you

and my tears will evaporate into the Gobi

the only sea T-Rex can swim