Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the Sweet Cheese

    this is the story of the day...
the day Little Brie hit the Ritz

It was a rainy grey day, which always made Little Brie want to go outside and play.

She put on her bright pink rain boots, which always swallowed up her little stick legs, making her feet look mighty and big.

How she loved to clomp about, stomping her little stick legs!

How she loved to twirl her big red umbrella!  From under her bright pink rain boots, she made reverse showers of water fly up to the sky.

She was the bright spot in the rainy grey day.

When she arrived at the disco, everyone was there.  Her friend Rochefort pulled her close and, together, they danced without care.

From the DJ booth, there arose such a clatter, Little Brie thought maybe the musicians were mad.  

the Crackers appeared,
and everyone scattered.

Poor Little Brie, in her bright pink rain boots that always swallowed up her little stick legs, couldn’t move very fast, though she frantically pumped her little stick limbs.  

She didn’t move very far.

The leader of the Crackers loomed up before her, waving in one hand a little white palette knife, and a plumed hat in the other.

she punched him
right square in his middle.

He fell over
with a shocked little thud.

The silence was deafening, except everyone could hear the Little Swiss breathing.  Eyes wide like saucers, Little Brie’s friends peeked ‘round from their corners.

The army of Crackers didn’t know what to do.  Clutching their little white palette knives, they whispered and huddled.

The leader of the Crackers, wobbly on stick legs, scrambled to his feet, with all the little dignity a Cracker could muster.

Stick limbs on her hips,

Little Brie stuck out her chin,
ready to fight.

“My dear Little Brie...” spoke the leader of the Crackers with a polite little bow, “...if you would please be so kind -would you please care to dance?”

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