Tuesday, May 22, 2012


She sat there, feeling a little shocked and a little crushed.  This was the little tidbit of knowledge she didn’t want or need to know.  

He continued to stir his coffee -nonchalantly.  He lifted his cup to his lips, took a sip, and then set it back down.  His legs were crossed just so.  He looked good, and he knew it.

“It’s just something about you that I don’t like,” he finished so matter of factly, as if he were reeling off a grocery item that he found particularly irritating, rather than commenting on an essential component of her personality.

“Uh-hm,” she mumbled back, nodding her head as if she were some kind of sage, rather than dying a little inside.  Actually, she was dying a lot inside.

When she sat down for dinner later with another friend, she made it almost all the way through her first drink before she finally brought it up.

“Ooh... yeah,” he nodded with knowing in his eyes.

“You knew?” she furrowed her eyebrows, which crinkled her forehead, but he was her friend and it couldn’t be helped.  This was frustrating.

The waiter’s arrival pressed pause on their conversation, but not for long.  He had sensed the temperature at the table and thus deposited their dishes as quickly and discreetly as possible.

He shrugged, “Well, he may have said something once.  Sort of... offhand.”

“But,” she sputtered over her entree, which was rapidly turning cold, “why didn’t you tell me?!”

He hesitated over this one, not really knowing what to say even though he knew the answer.  

“Well, I certainly didn’t expect you to ever find out...”


“...and, wasn’t it better when you didn’t know?” he interrupted her interruption.  “I mean, is this something you really wanted to know?”

She didn’t say anything.

He leaned back.

“Who’s the jackass here?” he asked her, “Me or him?”

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