Sunday, May 20, 2012

the Chair

So, here it is, a spare chair that has no (sensible) place in my apartment, except as extra seating on those rare occasions when I open my door and host others in what is otherwise my solo sanctuary.

Because there is no place for it, here it sits, in a dark (and, hence, fuzzy, poorly photographed) corner, waiting for the chance that someone will need to sit down.

But, it is likely to remain empty for some time -out of place and out of space -much like the sunglasses in this photo:

For some reason, I relate the conundrum of the sunglasses with that of the quandary of the chair, but, really, their situations are only related in that each is misplaced -and doesn't really belong in the places that they are.

Then, what I am feeling is out of sorts, knowing that this chair will likely not be sat in, at least not by those I imagine to be dearest to me, because those who are now nearest to me are soon going to be far away from me -and this rather impractical chair -either by their choice or by mine.

Change is tough. It doesn't help that change is life. No, it doesn't help at all.

For visual reference:

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