Wednesday, February 29, 2012

stuck in the middle with you

It’s Leap Day of the leap year.  The temptation to title this short story “leap of faith” is strong, very strong, but I shall resist the urge -not that “stuck in the middle with you” is much better, but perhaps the two titles work together, as in:

    I’m stuck in the middle with you, because every day with you is a leap of faith.


    Every day with you is a leap of faith, where I wake up, jump off the cliff, and wind up falling

        way down into the middle

            with you.

I definitely like the second iteration better, because somehow it’s better to be falling -at least then you are moving -than it is to be stuck, and not moving.  Frankly, you’re not going anywhere.  Instead, you’re at Wegman’s in the suburbs or the farmers’ market in the Circle (because you both think you’re better than everyone else), but all you’ve done is worn a path (viewable from outer space above!) that is like a circle or, rather, a handcuff actually (or maybe an anklet -how fun!) around your life, from your office to your home to... well, you know, the grocery store.

You might deviate a bit, of course.  To yoga, or whatever it is that’s hot right now (what is it? is it “zumba”?); or to the bar (which, let’s face it, isn’t that much of a deviation); or to the coffee shop (because you really are better than everyone else and everyone who agrees with you actually hates you); or to... you know... whatever it is, you’re not really going anywhere.  You’re just doing all the things we have to do to distract ourselves from the tedium -but let’s do try and be more poetic here.  Let’s replace “the tedium” with “the low hum(drum) of every day life.”

There.  That’s better, isn’t it?

But, where was I?  Ooh, right...



in the middle

with you.

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