Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Coloring Book

she loved her coloring book.  she often slept with it -in it, actually -pulling the fun shapes up over her like a blanket; tunneling in between the cool sheets like an adventurer on a treasure hunt.

when her unimaginative mother wasn’t looking, she’d talk with the characters, and play with them, and learned all about them.  T-Rex liked eponymously knitted caps.  and secretly didn’t like the color green -but everyone colored her green, so what could she do?  T-Rex sighed sometimes, when she was alone.

“what do you like?” she whispered to T-Rex, her hand cupped near T-Rex’s ear, so that her mother wouldn’t hear.

“pink nail polish,” T-Rex giggled back.  

she giggled too.  that was funny.  a T-Rex with pink nails -who ever heard of such a thing?  but -delighted -she dutifully painted T-Rex’s nails a strong, bright pink.  when she was done, they both sat back and admired her handiwork.  

“do you think,” asked T-Rex, “Zebra will like this color?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered back, feeling conspirational, “I think... he only likes white and black.”

T-Rex thoughtfully tapped and admired her bright pink toes; her tiny little T-Rex arms resting happily upon her big round T-Rex belly.  “maybe... if we paint the rest of me... pink?”

“but... will he recognize you...?”

T-Rex tilted her tiny little head.  a tiny little puff of air whiffed in and out of her flared nostrils as she thought about this.

“oh!  but you know what would be so exciting?” she exclaimed, but softly, so as not to interrupt her mother, who was in the kitchen yelling at her teapot and pans.

“ooh...?” said T-Rex, perplexed but a little excited too.

“purple!” she said with great authority.  before T-Rex could respond, she was off with her purple crayon, eager to hunt down Zebra and fill him in on the latest news.  he was going to be purple today!

“I think,” Zebra said when she found him, “I look good in black and white.”  Zebra lowered his sunglasses and eyed her purple crayon with suspicion.

“it’s only temporary, I promise,” she said, filling in his white stripes with purple before he could stop her.

“that tickles!” Zebra protested, giggling as he tried to wriggle away.

“hold still!” she asked him sternly, coloring him in as fast as she could, “T-Rex has surprise for you.”

Zebra stopped wriggling and giggling.  “a surprise?” he asked, delighted and... well, surprised.

“yes,” she said, with great authority, “and you’re going to like it.”  and then she giggled.  and then they both giggled.

“I like surprises,” declared Zebra, still feeling tickled as she slowly turned him purple with her crayon.

when she was done, they both paused to admire her handiwork.  Zebra flicked his tail and did a few turns for her, turning this way and that, trying to admire himself from all angles.

“purple and black,” Zebra said.

“it looks so good on you,” she smiled back at him.

“but... will T-Rex recognize me...?” he asked her, suddenly worried.

“ooh, yes!” she promised, nodding her head with confidence, “totally.”

Zebra bounded off the page before she could stop him.  Excitedly, she turned the page to find Zebra and T-Rex admiring each other.

“ooh, that’s so crazy!” T-Rex was exclaiming.

“ooh... you look so pretty!” Zebra was declaring.

“ooh... you’re so handsome,” T-Rex was blushing.

she felt so happy, just watching them.  suddenly, T-Rex and Zebra both turned to her.  “but... this page is so plain.  this won’t do.”

“oh!”  she knocked over her box of crayons.

“I’ll fix that,” she answered eagerly, more than happy to color in their world.

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